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Be a Curator!

August 20, 2013
Be a Curator!



I have been thinking a lot about social media, Twitter and Instagram the most but I think what I have to say can resinate across any social platform. Now I hear a lot of bitching about Twitter, Facebook, and every other social tool out there. I will admit I get pretty sick and tired of people bitching and moaning about every little thing, and the constant baby pictures drive me bonkers…I get it you love your kid and guess what so would I a lot more if I wasn’t exposed to it’s first and third everything. With that said you better believe that I will drop a selfie of my wife and I catching some rays at the beach or scoring some killer food from a truck, but that is not all I am about and it’s not all you are about. If you are using social media to just keep up with friends and family you can probably stop now and go take a picture of your kid, dog, cat or pet lemur taking a poop or sleeping with it’s hands over it’s eyes…yeah I take those too.

However if you use social media at all professionally or for your business to learn and share then hey I have a few simple words for you. Be a Curator! If you are looking to build an audience and get people to trust you as a thought leader, as someone who understands what their interests are…then you have a captivated audience. As a creative professional I use Twitter a lot to connect to the community around me, to learn and to share things I have done and things I find interesting or crazy awesome. Most of what I share and push out to my followers is curated material. I’m not some crazy popular social media star, but I have built a pretty decent community and I believe it is in part because of this notion of curating interesting content.

When I think of this mindset I think it is important for businesses to do the same. I am constantly seeing companies bombarding their audience with marketing material, data sheets, white papers, blog posts, and their stream just screams ME, ME, ME! Sure people follow their feed to learn more about the company but over time all that self promotion goes stale and uninteresting. Instead be a curator, find interesting stories, designs, information around your industry, your employee and customer culture and share that with your audience. Make your voice interesting and heard, not boring and quiet…who knows you might get the interest of some new people and grow your community.

I think that is all I have for now đŸ˜‰


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