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Inspiration Week – Day 005 – Significant Other

September 27, 2013
Inspiration Week – Day 005 – Significant Other


So here it is, day 005 of this experiment called Inspiration Week.  I could say I have saved the best for last but really who is keeping score or taking metrics on this…with that said I have saved the best for last!  My wife and for you it could also be my wife but I would presume that you find more inspiration in your mate, your partner, your significant other right.  As you should, this is a person that you have chosen to be with, someone with whom you share things that very few or perhaps nobody else knows.  At some point even if you don’t feel it right now you have been completely head over heels mesmerized by who and what this person is and does.  I will share with you a little bit about why I am so inspired by my wife Becca.

She  has one of the most contagious personalities of anyone I have met, a huge heart for doing good, educating young and old and in a way that enables life long impact.  She is highly intelligent, motivated, funny and beautiful!  What inspires me most is having the opportunity to see things through her lens, to listen to hear talk about things that she is doing and is passionate about.  The zest for life and the driving force to keep pushing to achieve her goals to help others is inspiring.  We have different backgrounds in almost every way so that alone brings diversity to our interactions with each other and the world around us.  That is inspirational, I mean this is the girl that gets signed birthday head shots from Congressman Joe Kennedy  …that’s pretty sweet!  My point is, look to your partner for inspiration, their opinions and views, actions and passions.  You just might start a new spark in and out of the bedroom if you catch my drift 😉


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