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Be Limitless!

September 13, 2013
Be Limitless!


Be limitless, set no boundaries and don’t scare from an idea seemingly too big or strange!  Yes it’s true limitations and boundaries are excellent, in fact they force us to think creatively and strategically about the problem we are tying to solve.  However what I am talking about here is more toward the idea generation and development of our project once we have figured out the project scope, messaging, and all the other ‘fun’ stuff!  It’s easy as creatives to begin to visualize a project from our personal lens, style, resources and ability.  Making it easy for us to follow what comes naturally and is easiest, but cutting out an idea at the beginning because it is seemingly too difficult to achieve or off the wall can make it difficult to innovate and come up with fresh ideas.  In a way it backs us into a corner of creative drain where it can be difficult to gain traction or even excitement about the project.

Being limitless when approaching the project will allow you to focus on the ideas and storytelling and not the fine detail of the design, execution or how weird and zany it might be.  Let’s face it, we can think of some pretty bizarre concepts and while all might not fit our project, eliminating some of those ideas can be degrading to the project especially when we are the very beginning of the creative process.   There is plenty of time for that in the next phase when you focus on the finer details, but right now you need to get ideas flowing.  I recently encountered this issue on a project when I noticed myself eliminating ideas because I wasn’t sure how I would pull the idea off.  I caught myself tossing ideas out before I had really put them on the table and was limiting myself pretty drastically.  I took a step back and refocused my energy and allowed myself to be limitless.  In the end I spent some R&D time figuring out how to achieved the visual look I was hoping for and was able to come up with a solution which I was pretty proud of.  Innovation takes opportunity, if you always stay in the comfort zone there will be little opportunity to challenge yourself.

My point is – Be Limitless in generating your ideas, don’t discount an idea at the earliest stage just because it might be to hard or the idea seems too out there.  Creative projects are living things, they flow and change and provide many opportunities for innovation and problem solving.  One idea that starts out all crazy and big might just morph into the perfect concept and something you can be really proud of.


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