Design - User Experience

Freelance Job Board

I wanted to create a job board for freelance work that was simple but easy to use and manage from a single screen.

design uiux web
Article Reader

I wanted to design a simple yet elegant reader for an online magazine or website.

design uiux web
Speaker Settings

I wanted to create a settings modal that is visually appealing yet still simple to use and not distracting.

design uiux web
Restaurant Review

I wanted this design to be simple yet full of options for the user, from the review its self, to finding other reviews, connecting with the restaurant on social media,…

design mobile uiux
Hydration app

I designed these two screens with a drinking water tracker app in mind.

design mobile uiux
Global Projects Map

I designed this with a global NGO in mind, a simple way for users to view and learn about highlighted projects around the world.

design uiux web
Direct Mail

This was a design solution for a direct mail campaign that focused on the automotive industry.  After a lot of testing we decided to go with a branded rear window…

design print
Index Teaser

This is a trip-fold print asset primarily used at shows to promote the Digital Test Coverage Index.  When opened up you can see the full mobile market calendar which shows…

design print

WE-DO is an app that helps groups of people make plans and track their agenda in a fun and engaging way.  With integrated services and a fun voting system WE-DO takes…

design mobile uiux
The Device Optimizer

The Device Optimizer was built to enable users to identify the key device and os combinations they need to be testing on to ensure proper testing coverage.  I worked with…

design uiux web
Responsive Blog Design

Full page blog post redesign for responsive web and a side bar menu for the main blog page.  This is part of the ongoing redesign of the Perfecto Blog and…

design uiux

  floq is a location-based photo sharing app that lets you share and access photos socially in collective albums called cliqs. floq is currently in the  development and testing phase, with…

design mobile uiux

Consulted on various user experience challenges all revolving around the physical therapists and patient relationship and how they can easily monitor and track progress through the mobile app.

design mobile uiux
Persona Builder and Wind Tunnel

  Worked with Product to design and develop the builder to enable customers to create custom Persona’s they could test against in the Perfecto Wind Tunnel. Worked with R&D and…

design uiux
Miscellaneous Design and UI

A collection of miscellaneous UI elements and other designs.

design mobile print uiux
The Digital Test Coverage Index

The Digital Test Coverage Index is a quarterly designed document. It covers new market insights, top regional app use, web browser data, regional mobile device/os combination, and market release calendars…

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