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Two awesome plugins for Sketch – Zeplin and Craft

February 11, 2016
Two awesome plugins for Sketch – Zeplin and Craft


This is a quick one, I have been using Sketch for a personal app project, it is a great tool for product and UI design for sure and it has some amazing plugins that can really help.  Here are two that I use and love!  Perhaps I will make a video tutorial of these at some point…I am over due to make something 🙂


Zeplin was introduced to me by a developer I am working with and it is rad.  It’s a tool that can be a great asset between designer and developer.  Easily generate style guides, leave notes, create resources, etc.  It honestly had me at Hello…I am hooked!


Craft works right inside Sketch and Photoshop.  The kingpin of badass for this one is how easy it is to style a design.  Say I have a 50×50 rectangle and want to put an image in it…craft says no problem I can do that with a single click of the mouse.  Names, addresses, bulk copy…no problem kid I got you covered.  There are some awesome asset duplication tools too that really make layouts easy!


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