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Morning tea – the creative kick starter!

September 30, 2013
Morning tea – the creative kick starter!


I know many of you are coffee people, but I for one am more of a green tea kind of dude.  I do love the smell of coffee and even enjoy it in small doses on occasion.  I digress this post actually has nothing to do with tea other than it’s small part it plays in my morning work routine.  I want to share with you a way to get your brain kicking in high gear, ready to tackle the projects and barriers you are dealing with daily.

So in the morning I have been getting myself a hot cup of green tea, sitting at my desk or place of comfort and I crack a book open and spend about 15 minutes or so reading.  Notice I didn’t say I check my email or jump right back into the spot of a project i was working on the day before.  I take this time to read as part of preparing my mind and to grow.  When I have finished reading I usually go to my scribbles, sketches and notes I made the day prior and look over them to see if there are any ideas that resonate or need more action.  Making a habit of taking notes or drawings is a great way to collet thoughts and creative insights and develop from them.  When I am done I like to take  few more minutes to write or scribble some more, perhaps it is an idea that is building upon it’s self or something new that has come from the reflection.

What I have found in doing this on a pretty regular basis is that ideas are constantly forming and your brain is always working on solutions and answers to your problems at hand.  Cultivating a small routine like this can help lead creative problem solving and idea generation giving you power to do great work.

Take some time and think about how you might build some routine into your day.  I admittedly struggle to do this everyday, but I do do it often and have experienced positive resultless from the practice.  Now go out and make awesome things happen!

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