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6 Ways to Spice things up…Creatively!

September 7, 2013
6 Ways to Spice things up…Creatively!


Okay, really we all have been there before – stuck in a rut and feeling less than awesome!  We can’t just be stagnant and let this annoying THING keep us down. After all we have shit to do, projects to move on, problems to solve, and shiny cool things to make.  So here are 6 things that help me spice things up and get my brain kicking again.

1. Number 1 on my list is READING – buy a book, fiction or non (I prefer non-fiction) and read a little bit each day.  I started building reading into my morning routine as a way to kick off my mind, focus, and grow.  I struggle with it sometimes, but even 10-15 minutes is a great way to add a little spice especially if you are reading that 50 Shades business 😉

2. Number 2 is UNPLUG – most of us are constantly plugged in, between our mobile devices, email and social media it is pretty easy to occupy every moment of our days.  However taking a break from all that fuzz to focus on your work or just enjoy the sounds around you can help give you the kick you need.

3. Number 3 DOODLE_DRAW_SKETCH – break open a notebook and start marking it up!  I’m no fine artist, but I find a lot of value in doodling…I think visually so putting ideas or just giving myself the freedom to write ideas and concepts is a great way to get things out.  I use Field Notes which are a pretty awesome and portable way to keep notes and sketch things out!

4. Number 4 FREE WRITE – grab a pen and some blank paper and go for it.  The key to free writing is keeping a constant flow, don’t allow yourself to stop and think about what you are writing.  Letting your brain go crazy and the words flow is a great mental exercise and really gets the blood flowing.  I usually write until I have filled an entire page take a quick read over the nonsense I inked and move onto the work.  The fun think about this is the more you do it the better at it you become,  so write it out and see what hidden thoughts your mind is harboring!

5. Number 5 TURN THE PAGE BACK – like in Number 3 keeping a journal, notebook or sketchbook is a pretty common practice with creatives…but how often do you turn the page back and look at what you wrote or doodled a week ago or even 6 months?   Taking some time to go back can give some great self inspired creative kick in the ass.

6. Number 6 BE OPEN and LEARN NEW TRICKS – we all have our signature moves and styles that we feel comfortable with, but it is important to constantly be learning and taking in new tricks.  Exposing our selves to new forms of art and media is a great way to broaden our horizons and helps us to think differently.  All critical to coming up with new and creative ideas to push ourselves to do great work.

If you have some ways to SPICE up your creative mind leave a comment and share with us…we will all be better for it!


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