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Inspiration Week – Day 002 – Wood

September 24, 2013

Right who would want Log?  Maybe that is not quite what I am thinking of, but yes wood inspires me – and get your heads out of the gutters because I’m talking about dead trees here.

So why wood?  It is pretty simple for me, I love the look and texture of the stuff.  It is extremely versatile in building and design and I am fascinated with it’s beauty especially some of the awesome furniture being made from slabs of tree.  Like this bad ass maple coffee table, I feel like the grain and rings tell a visual story and show such fluid motion.  It is so easy to get lost in the texture, searching for hidden treasures of images and faces.  It is crazy what our minds can recognize from these patterns.  If that is all not enough then think back to some of your early years and your art projects.  How many of them included wood popsicle sticks?  Pretty much a staple in any young creatives toolbox!

If you like wood as much as I do, leave a comment, subscribe and stay creative!

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