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Inspiration Week – Day 003 – Internet Videos

September 25, 2013

We all do it, browse the countless videos uploaded to the internet and with sites like Vimeo and YouTube searching and finding interesting things has become easier than ever.  Not to mention the ability to join groups and follow people brings them pouring in at a steady rate.  Now not all videos are created equal, clips your your kid doped up at the dentist and fail compilations are funny and have their place but they don’t inspire much other than pranks and tomfoolery!

I find inspiration in the more artful pieces, for instance I love Vimeo because it has a large creative community using it and post all the kick ass stuff they make.  I get inspired by the creativity, skill, and ingenuity many of these content creates are making and sometimes a video will come along and knock my socks off like this one a friend shared with me on Twitter yesterday morning – holy sickness!  Enjoy the video and for the 1st, 2nd or millionth time.

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