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Inspiration Week – Day 004 – Kids

September 27, 2013
Inspiration Week – Day 004 – Kids

Day 004 kids…kids you say, inspiration you say, more like reminder that I don’t want to have any you say – but the reality is that you probably only say that after witnessing some random kids raise hell in the candy isle. If you know children, your own or your dear friend who had one or thee way too early or perhaps your siblings kids then you know kids are inspirational!

Kids especially young ones have this thing, they look at the world and their environment as something new and fascinating…probably because it is! Take some time and watch a youngin’ interact with toys, spoons, dirt or any other random thing you put in front of them. They look at it intensely, touch it, taste it and test it’s durability by banging the shit out of it on the floor or wall. The point is kids see things that we don’t see, perhaps things we have been conditioned not to see. Reality is very different for them and because of that they often pick up on subtleties that we miss. Spend some time with a kid young or old and watch them, listen to their questions and if they don’t have any and are of speaking age ask them their thoughts on something, you might just get your mind blown!

Although extremely adorable this child is not mine, I do have one of my own but I can’t hold him anymore so I chose this one…I just want to clarify that for the few that read this!

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