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Inspiration Week – Day 001 – Poetry

September 23, 2013

This morning I was thinking while sitting on my “think tank” in the bathroom.  I was trying to solve the worlds problems and discovered the answer was not within me, but rather within all of us and right away I knew I did not have the energy to deal with that many people.  So I made my way to the shower where I cleaned my body with manly body wash filled with micro-beads and exfoliated my face with a fresh blast of a citrus scrub and soaked in the warm rays of my shower – I get a lot of good thinking done in this space.  Which brings me back to my profound thought, perhaps I should do a week of inspiration and today will be day 1 or as seen above 001 – poetry.

Now I will admit I do dabbled in the world of rhymes and obscure thoughts from time to time and I have to say I love it!  I have not been a very active writer as of late, but there maybe a resurgence coming my way and if I do I may share some with everyone. Today however I will share with you some goods that might be new to you and might just inspire your thoughts to go wild!

First we have Billy Collins who is a fantastic poet and one I have had the pleasure of hearing him give a live read!, dude is awesome! He has a way with words…well I will just leave it at that.  Here is a TED Talk he did and in it he shows a few poems that have been turned in to animations, I think they are pretty rad so I hope you enjoy!

Second I would like to share another favorite poem and poet – Yusef Komunyakaa – Camouflaging the Chimera

I would like to thank you for your attention, please share any thoughts or favorite poems with me below…seriously anything will do!


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