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Get a Creative Battle Buddy!

September 11, 2013
Get a Creative Battle Buddy!


If you have ever spent any time in the military you will know the importance of a Battle Buddy.  Battle Buddies have each others back no matter what the situation.  If you have ever tried dropping a douce off the back deck of a tank without a Battle Buddy  to hold your hand for balance so you can get the proper squat position then you know exactly what I mean!

So how can a Creative Battle Buddy be beneficial?  Well having someone in your field who can be there for you and understands what it’s like working in the creative environment has a lot of benefits.  Sharing opinions, experiences and giving/receiving advice is a big thing…sometimes you just  need to get an alternative perspective on your project, idea or situation.  So here is a rundown of a few other Creative Battle Buddy perks you should be taking advantage of.

  1. Bounce ideas around
  2. Project collaboration
  3. Share ideas
  4. Keep you grounded
  5. Share frustrations
  6. Share successes
  7. To learn and grow
  8. Inspire and be inspired
  9. Honest Feedback
  10. Accountability

There are a lot of reasons why having a Creative Battle Buddy is mutually beneficial for everyone involved.  I think the key is to find someone with whom you have mutual respect, trust and enjoy grabbing a drink with…let’s face it a drink makes the creativity and honesty flow!  Perhaps you already have one and didn’t know it, maybe you have several and that is okay because one never knows whey they might need to poop off the back of a tank!


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